Resilience Education Training and Innovation Center The Blue City Floating Lab is an outgrowth to RETI's exploration to find an appropriate home that emphasizes its mission, to create technology and economic growth through climate change adaptation for New York. The Blue City Floating Lab will create a resilient, off-grid, floating climate lab in the US, the first of its kind, to serve as a model for adaptation and resilient industrial development in flood zones. A parallel larger visioning project digs deeper into how to become a model for equitable and resilient waterfront development nation-wide. Through collaborative, multidisciplinary study into climate solutions, green workforce development, and local coalition-building in Red Hook, the lab will serve as both a social hub and research center. Additional partner firms: One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) and Space & Matter, GBX.  Site Feasibility Study, REDC Grant + Blue Cities Floating Lab Concept Design in partnership with Oasis Design Lab

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