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Elliott presented her experience with art + science collaborations as part of the panel Research Models for Interdisciplinary Arts Engagement in the Environment at the a2ru conference in Athens, Ga. The 2018 theme, Arts Environments: Design, Resilience, and Sustainability, was an invitation to explore the relationship between creativity and diverse cultural locations, by framing discussions about design, resilience, and sustainability in context of interdisciplinary artistic and environmental practice.  Other participants on the panel were Jeff Carney, Michael Marshall, and Bill Gilbert.  painting by artist and plenary speaker Rebecca Rutstein

thread is working with the RETI Center and a consortium of partners, to help envision a future of adaptation for living along our coast-lines. We participated in a two-day exhibit and congress to explore these issues in more depth, and bring the local Red Hook community into the conversation.  This project is about possibilities, and about creating a plan. Water will become an increasingly determinate factor in the future: too much of it, too little of it; where it is, where it isn’t. This self-sustaining, floating industrial development will be off grid, built in the community, by the community, and our international team of collaborators. The project, which will be hosted on the water of the GBX Grain Terminal and be inaugurated with a Lab that will serve as the home of RETI Center, is intended as a model for other vulnerable communities, across the country and beyond. Blue City encourages us to move toward the rising oceans, but with a different approach, a different understanding, and hopefully a different outcome.
The project is in collaboration with Oasis Design Lab, One Architecture, Space & Matter, GBX

Gita Nandan was honored to join the jury of The APDC Interior Design Excellence Awards in Shanghai, China this fall. THE competition invites architects, and interior designers, to submit conceptual, in-progress or completed work for consideration. A wide range of projects showcased contemporary work throughout the Asia Pacific region.
11.18 Frank Lloyd Wright / Olfelt House

thread is thrilled to be working on Frank Lloyd Wright's Olfelt house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are huge fans of FLW, and hope to do his vision with this house great justice and care in restoring and bringing it back to life for the next generation. Check out our instagram @thread_design to watch designs unfold, and site visit details as the residence goes under construction this fall.

Join Elliott and Clarinda Mac Low of Culture Push as we examine the urban backstage in the context of Collect Pond’s history and NYC’s water infrastructure. Let’s explore together the interconnection of ecological and social histories, changing perspectives and strategies in relation to water, and the urban backstage, where residents can rehearse, rather than perform. It is a provisional place, one for testing ideas, to practice imperfectly.  

Gita, co-led the Pratt Institute Spring Resilience Study abroad trip with Jaime Stein, Chair of the SES Dept, Nadya Nenadich, chair of the Historic Preservation Department and Theo Prudone. The week long study took students across the Dutch landscape to study the convergence of water management, innovation, history and heritage – where the Dutch are masters. #prattnetherlands2018

Go With the Flow Gowanus! thread collective worked closely with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and several local Gowanus middle school and high school teachers to create the Blue School Green Infrastructure Curriculum and Design Challenge, launching this spring. Three classes will pilot the program, with creative and smart young adults coming up with innovative solutions to green their schools. Check out their work on May 19th at the Gowanus Expo.

Join Elliott Maltby, Annie B-Parson, Alexander Borinsky, Daaimah Mubashshir, for a fall backyard reading, featuring authors from 53rd State Press and 3 Hole Press. Dance By Letter, Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8 and A Field Guide To ILANDing: Scores for Researching Urban Ecologies will be available for sale!


Gita Nandan, will be joining Andrea Parker, Sharon Davis, Michelle de la Uz, Brad Lander,  to discuss leveraging development in Gowanus to expand the neighborhood’s green infrastructure network and preserve the area’s cultural assets. The Urban Design Forum presents a discussion on the planned remediation of the Gowanus Canal that is driving enormous development in an industrial quarter of the city. thread will discuss the Gowanus Field Station as a tool for citizen science, youth engagement, and interactive knowledge building in urban areas. Thursday August 10th, 6pm at the American Can Factory.
11.17 GREENBUILD 2017

Gita joins other active members of RETI and the RDM Campus – Ben Margolis of SBIDC, Gabrielle Muris of Urban Impact, and Carter Craft of the Dutch Consulate at GreenBuild in Boston, to discuss RETI Center : A Model of Resilient Economic Development. Billions in federal, state and municipal funds are being invested in coastal resiliency efforts, but who benefits most from these investments? The RETI Center proposes plans to ensure that this funding does not overlook socio-economically vulnerable coastal communities, but is instead used to leverage a better economic future for them. Will you be at GreenBuild? Join us for a lively discussion, Wednesday November 8th, 8.30am

Gita Nandan is presenting the Concrete Waves project, a community based design that connects public space, resiliency, and active, at the NYU Global Studies Program. This is in conversation with Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani is an urbanist, photographer and curator and principal of Buscada, and Damon Rich is a designer and artist and partner with Jae Shin at Hector. Many thanks to Suzanne Maria Menghraj, NYU Clinical Assistant Professor, for assembling such a great group to discuss citizen participation in design.

A dialogue with Gita Nandan, chair of Resilient Red Hook and principal at thread collective, part of the 100 Days of Impact Series
Infrastructure will be at the core of Trump’s economic engine, with the construction of a southern border wall at the center. In this critical junction around climate change action, I will be presenting innovative ideas on how communities can implement local action to tackle flood protection and resiliency to prepare our low-lying communities for the next century. I ask that you join in the conversation to discuss how to grow a city-wide vision. 
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