A living prototype, exploring how plants and biophilic structures can improve the waterways of the Hudson River Estuary, BlueBlocks is a collaboration between thread collective and the RETI Center. BlueBlocks are modular, floating, semi-submersible structures for challenging urban edge conditions, creating small salt marsh archipelagos that provide a range of ecological benefits for humans and other species. Every level of the floating garden is designed to actively support life. The underwater portions are as carefully considered at the visible gardens, and include mussel and oyster lines, biophilic concrete panels at the underside of the structure and biophilic anchors.   Ongoing monitoring, data collection and material assessment are an integral part of the pilot project being floated this summer, 2021. During the 18 month installation, the team will implement a set of community-based educational events around clean water, marine habitat formation, innovative product development, and hands-on training sessions. The RETI Center will tie the BlueBlocks Garden pilot project closely to its Resilience Curriculum and public education opportunities, including its summer camp and microlab training program. Pratt Center’s Taconic Fellowship supported design development and prototyping.

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