thread collective worked with BFJ Planning , who is leading the NY State Downtown Revitalization Initiative team for Glens Falls and Middletown. These two cities were part of the first round of 20 New York State cities selected to receive $10 million from the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative. thread brought expertise in urban and landscape design, and sustainable architectural visioning.  Through a community driven process that identified economic needs, our role was to help bring design and visioning to the projects identified as critical to the success of the plans. Projects focused on the transformation of under-utilized urban areas, particularly excess parking lots, into much needed parkland and community facilities. In Middletown, thread design the James Street Parking Lot, and the Erie Way Park into a community outdoor facility and skatepark; in Glens Falls a city-owned parking become home to a year-round farmer’s market, greenroof, incubator and community space for the town residents.  Final DRI plans can be found here, Middletown + Glens Falls.  team firms : BFJ Planning (lead), Elan Planning, RES Group, CSA Group, James Lima Planning and Development.
[concept design /new construction]
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